Hello, Send in your requests! 4TH CO OWNER NEEDED.

  Anonymous asked: Hi, I was wondering if you could make me an imagine with Harry, where he and I celebrate our one year anniversary of when we first met? My name's Lauren, and I have medium length brown hair and hazel eyes. Thanks in advance!

Sure! I’m so sorry if it takes a while but I will I promise!

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» 8tracks radio | Love Is Overrated (9 songs) | free harry styles and love music playlist

HI, I made this playlist today, and hope you guys can have a listen and enjoy.

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Preference: What you do when its raining

Liam: There's nothing Liam loves more than putting on a soft, slow song and enjoying a sweet dance in the rain, and then cuddles to get warm after.
Zayn: Zayn would always try to sit and draw the rain/outdoor setting, most of the time having you pose with it too.
Niall: You and Niall would sit out on the porch on a swing while he played guiar, and the both of you singing together.
Louis: Louis would make his signature Yorkshire tea and pick out a funny movie for you two to watch and wait out the rain.
Harry: Harry and you would spend the time curled up in bed under the covers, his large hands softly caressing your skin and humming
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When this




a.k.a you’re gonna need a wheelchair

  Anonymous asked: Could you write an Andy imagine about him objecting my wedding, cause he knows we both fancy each-other.

Okay! :) -Victoria

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  Anonymous asked: Could you write an Andy Samuels where I''m Liam's cousin and Andy fancies me but Liam doesn't think we could be a great couple cause we are complete opposites (he is cool, I am a nerd). But hey opposites attract and we prove him wrong

Sure! :) -Victoria

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  Anonymous asked: Could I have an imagine?(: One where Harry forgets something important but then makes it up to me?(: THANK YOU Btw my name is Hayley (:

Course I’ll be right on it! :)

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